Wednesday , January 16 2019
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Brother Birds

I have to give it to the kid, we have been on countless hunts, and never filled a tag. Every chance he has been up to bat, it just hasn’t worked out. He never complained, and he always stayed excited. So we made it our mission to get him on the board with a big ole eastern Tom this go round. Each of us went and scouted our top farms trying to roost a gobbler. After crawling through a creek bottom for a good bit of an hour before sun down, we managed to get a bird roosted. Good news was, there were 3 of them. We didn’t tell him we had em nailed down, but told him we saw some there the week before. After setting up on the far side of a choke point, the thunder chickens sang to us until the sun hit over the tree line. They pitched down, and headed our way. We tried a different setup this morning, leaving the decoys and the camera man a piece to our West. The Strutter came around the brush pile first, then quickly realized there was something off. He came out of strut and popped his head up in disbelief.  The group hung up behind him at about 50 yards out, so we made the move to close the gap, and try for a double. With luck in our favor, we popped up over the brush pile, and two 3″ #5 shots put the big boys to the dirt. The look on that boys face after getting his hands on that bird, makes every bit of it worth it.

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