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Cummins Falls Day Trip

The crew loaded up early and headed East to scratch off another Tennessee Bucket List Adventure. After a short 2 hour drive, we arrived at Cummins Falls State Park located in Jackson County, Tennessee. We reached the gate shortly after opening hours, and parked up front being that there were only a few people ahead of us. We unloaded the dogs, put on their leashes, and began our hike down to the river bottom. The trails were a little slippery, and tennis shoes with good tread on the bottom are recommended. After a decent downhill decent, we hit the river bottom. It didn’t take much convincing to get the dogs into the water, and then into the mud. We stayed in the shallow water as we made our way to the waterfall.

The pups chased every fish they saw, and had a big time splashing their way through the trails. After climbing up and over some big rocks, we had arrived to the mouth of the fall. Little did we know this waterfall is in the top 10 largest waterfalls in Tennessee. It was calm and peaceful for a good piece, then the crowd grew and grew the later it went into the day. After cooling off into the cold water, we began our trip back to the top. The Pup squad was exhausted, and we had a picnic in the parking lot under some shade trees off to the side. Overall a super fun trip, we will definitely be heading back this summer.

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