Wednesday , January 16 2019
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Double Down

Warm temperatures pressed for a nice sunrise with birds hammering early. Roosted 2 Eastern Gobblers the evening prior, and pounded out a game plan on how to approach the morning hunt to try and close out the remaining tags. We managed to cut off the hens to set up, and slip into a creek bottom between 2 ridges. Laid out the spread a good piece to our west, allowing for the birds to travel directly in front of us if they chose to do the decoy dance. Birds pitched down and strutted just out of range for a better half of an hour. As they gave up on the decoy hen making it their way, they walked over the first ridge and out of sight. We took off after them and managed to cut them off after racing around the hay field. Got a good look at them, and set up the Tom decoy out of the tree line. With a few short calls, they got up close and personal! My pro staffer and I managed to seal the deal, but quickly encountered a communication error as we pulled up on the same Tom after raising our firearms. Luckily for us, they were in the kill zone and a follow up shot drew the line. Was one to remember, and even got a little video action.

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